Jesús R.

Jesús came to the United States from Mexico as a young boy in 1977. He has lived, worked and paid taxes in Pima County every year since 2000. He has always paid his rent. He works and supports his wife and 2 young children. And, his employer has promoted him several times. One day, on his drive home from work, a police car pulled him over. He had a tail light out. The officer asked for Jesús’ driver’s license. He did not have a current one with him. The officer called Border Patrol and Jesus was sent to Eloy, a private detention facility. The judge set Jesús’s bond at $10,000. It was an impossible amount for Jesús or his family to raise. He continues to be incarcerated in Eloy at taxpayer expense. He can’t afford the bond and he can’t afford an attorney. His family’s welfare and mental health continues to suffer without his support and presence. His employer has lost an employee. Pima County, the State of Arizona and the U.S. Federal government has lost a taxpayer. Everyone is impacted. Jesús sits in detention with no idea when that will change.